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Annual General Meeting Wednesday 1st November 2023 at the Clubhouse at 7.00 PM

A quorum of 30 is required.

1. Welcome: President Scott Wood opens meeting.

2. Apologies: Mover/Seconder

3. Obituaries:  A minute silence     

4. Minutes of the 52nd AGM held on 2nd November 2022

    – Mover/Seconder

5. Matters Arising from minutes in point 4.

6. 2022 -2023 Annual Reports

6.1 President – Scott Wood

      Open for discussion


6.2 Men’s Club Captain – Brett Dormer

      Open for discussion.


6.3 Finance Director – David Good

      Open for discussion


6.4 Junior Director – Tim Vogel

       Open for discussion.


6.5 Women’s Club Captain – Denise Donaldson

      Open for discussion


7. Honours Board: Recognition of the Club Champions and Pennant Team

8. Election of Officers:

    8.1 President: No nominations received. Call for nominations from floor

8.2 Club Captain: 

      Only one nomination received – Brett Dormer - Unopposed and duly elected

8.3 Board Members:

     Two nominations received – John Harrison and Joonsang Chung. Only one required.

      Voting required.            

      (Mike Nelson and Theresa Barrett’s 1 year remaining of their 2 year term as Board  Members).

8.4 Ladies Member: To be nominated from the Ladies AGM and to be ratified at this meeting.

8.5 Patron and Vice Patrons: Shall annually be elected at this meeting.


9.1 Captain’s (Golf) Committee

      No nominations received – called for 8 (eight) nominations from the floor plus a Vice-Captain and Junior Director

9.2 Presidents Committee:

     No nominations received - called for 4 (four) nominations from the floor.

10. Delegate to North Golf Association. Board to appoint

11. Appointment of an Auditor.

12. New President to further chair the AGM

13 General Business

14 Meeting closes









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