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Dear Members,

Welcome to The Redwood Cut, the digital magazine for our club.

In this issue, we talk about things to look out for as we move into the golfing season in the next few months, about upcoming events, and celebrate our members and their achievements in the past few months.


As we move into summer, there will be many more people on the course, enjoying the beautiful sunny weather.

However, due to the increased traffic, our course will suffer unless it is looked after by us, the members.

Here are some tips to help to keep our course to be in a great condition and to enjoy a great round of golf. 

1. Divots Repair & Pitch Marks Repair

Please click on the following links, each 5mins video shows how to repair divots and pitch marks correctly.


Pitch Marks

Most of our tees are provided with sand, and the buckets are expected to be taken from the 1st and the 9th tee. Wherever you start your round, please be mindful of the course and take your sand buckets.

2. Pace of Play

We have been exercising our members to play Ready Golf since 2019, here is a recap video of what it is all about. 

Ready Golf

Please note the player's demeanour, in this video. No frills and concise movements playing the hole, which is to be modelled by all of our members moving forward.

Due to our golf layout having 6 par 3s, we are prone to having a slower round as par 3's are chokepoints of the course.

You are expected to pick up and move to the next hole if you are;

- not in the competition

- not scoring a stableford point

Please leave your golf bags so you can pick it up as you move towards to the next tee after the completion of the hole.








2023 Club Championships

The draw are being finalised as we speak, please let the office know if you wish to play.

This event has no entry fee, please sign up or let us know for your participation.




2023 North Harbour Strokeplay

We have been provided with the honour of holding the prestigous North Harbour Strokeplay in the coming month.

We are looking for volunteers to help for the pace of play and marshalling around the course for the visitors who may be coming in for the first time.

Reciprocals from other Clubs @ North Harbour Region


14th Oct



15th Oct



Muriwai wants us to let them know so please let me know of the players names and required tee times.


This is the message from the General Manager of Huapai.

Huapai is happy to offer the following to Redwood members on those dates:

3 exclusive booking times (3 x 4 balls), at member guest rates, per day.  These times will be:

Saturday 14th: 1:08, 1:15, 1:22pm

Sunday 15th: 12:01, 12:08, 12:15

The key is for Redwood Members to book ahead of the 8 day dot golf window opening, once we reach this date (Friday 6th and Saturday 7th at 6pm respectively) any remaining tee times will revert back to the wider system for everyone to book.  They can do this by contacting the Pro Shop directly, either on 412 8809 or


14th 15th

Any times outside of 8-10am, normal green fees.
Carts @ members rates $30 - must be booked 1 week prior as they get booked fast

Helensville TBC

More tee times are currently being sorted out.








Junior Girls Flourishing Their Talents


Congratulations goes to our girls this time, firstly to Sophie Yu, for winning the U16 NZ Girls Strokeplay Championships held in Timaru and becoming our 2nd ever member to win a national championship.

If you were lucky enough to catch her at the club, you would have seen her crazy flexible swing. Flying her drives just shy of 230meters, swinging at near 100mph as a 14 year old is always a site to see.

After seeing her around 9 years old, she was always one to watch for even at her young age. Excelling at most sports she touches, one of star strikers of her football team at Pinehurst College, loves to have a great forehand stroke at tennis, a sprinter, just an all round sporty girl.

She was part of the crew that came to Redwood with me few years ago, after taking a break of golf for around 10-11months. 

I had to go find this one, really, so she could resume pursueing her dreams, playing sports and being active for the rest of her life.

It is great to see someone very close to me becoming a national champion. All the hard times and down times, she has pulled through with dedication and discpline.

Her solemn approach to everything, that shy little girl has reached the peak of New Zealand U16 Girls. 

I raise my glass for her, for tasting that sweet victory and for her future accolaides to come.

For further details, please click on this link.

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Kim Sisters' Run Rampant @ Waikato Age Groups Strokeplay


This July, in Waikato Age Groups Championships, the Tournament saw something rare, sisters winning the same championship in different divisions.

Grace and Juwon Kim, both again, I have had the pleasure to see them come through the ranks of their golfing careers.

Grace being the elder sister, has had a nice chat with me a long time ago how she only plays golf casually and not serious yet now she's playing for her school team (Rangitoto), and winning tournaments.

Juwon, always the one who have focused her energy for golf, I saw her when she was barely 4 feet in height, however has the discpline and pride of a +1.2 handicapper at a tender age of 13.

Congratulations to both, may both of you have an amazing summer ahead filled with laughs.

Click here for further details Link.

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That concludes the issue's Redwood Cut.

Until next time,

Joonsang Chung

Director of Golf



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