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Hi to all members,

Well, what a week. As you have all seen and witnessed the weather has been beyond horrid and especially here at RedwoodPGC. The course has suffered in many areas with the amount of rainfall this month which has been reflected in the closures we have been forced to have. Firstly I would like to thank you all for your patience and understanding. As I have said before, we do not take the decision lightly and we understand it affects a wide range of players, staff and the club's operation, but it’s ultimately for everyone’s safety and the course care; thank you.

To date we have had 354mm of rainfall in the month of July with a couple days still left (fingers crossed that there is not much more). I have been through old records here which date back to 1989 and I have found only one month with more rainfall (383mm - July of 1998). It’s safe to say that most of us have not witnessed conditions like this. I have spoken to a lot of my peers in the industry and they are all in the same situation as here with record numbers and consistent closures.

Looking forward we are reading more settled weather which we are all wanting for golf, the course and a much needed moral boost for all.

Wash-down bay

We have fixed the air hose at the wash-down area. We have gone away from the retracting unit which we believe was the cause of the leaks and replaced it with a stretchy hose and air gun. Can I please ask that it is hung away properly after use and that all cleaning down is to be done inside the bay and not outside. There is also still water available for washing down.


We have a lot of obvious areas out on the course and we are in the plans of starting some consistent surveying, flushing and actual drainage cuts. We have some basic areas out there that we are waiting to get into once this weather clears but we also have some majors; the 8th and 17th would have to be our biggest issues and extensive cuts are required. Some of you would have heard or know stories about the work carried out on the 17th years ago. Steel barrels were used under the ground for making shift drainage pipes. In the middle valley of the rough/fairway on 17 you would have seen a collapsed hole?? This is what I believe is the start of them rusting and giving away under the surface (somewhat like the 8th tee). The members will be given lots of notice  when the drainage work will start and hole closures will be needed through these times.


With all this bad weather we will still be warranting our decision to have carts available for the front only when the course is open. This is strictly paths only on holes 1-8 and 18. We are still a few weeks of fine weather away from getting them out on the back nine but as soon as it is possible with guidance from the Geo-fencing we will be opening the rest of the course.

Just recently the conversation about carry bags only has been brought to my attention; something I have been reluctant to do in the past due to the majority that it affects and the fact that if it is too wet for a trundler then it is too wet to be open. I will be having further conversations with the club and its committee about these decisions, going forward if this weather is to continue. Feedback to me or the committee would be appreciated on any thoughts regarding this.

Hazard pegs & course ratings

As requested from the Golf Committee, new hazard pegs have been placed out on the course; the 1st, 3rd, 6th, 7th and drop hole have new pegs. We have also done the G.U.R garden down on the 2nd. Talks with the club and North Golf have been had about getting the course rerated and remeasured with these changes in place. We are working towards rating the course with changes to our tee markers also; having the course set with yellow, white and blue markers only. Our tees are too small to have four sets out there all the time and it is the reason why the red markers aren't out. Questions have been asked about having the blues available everyday and we are working towards a good system where it wont be detriment to what we all consider our championship/Saturday areas.

Again, thank you for all your patience through this tough winter and take care out there during your weekend golf.


Daniel Godek

Course Superintendent

Redwood Park Golf Club
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