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Dear Members,

Recently there have been some changes on the course, specifically some of the out of bounds and unstaked areas being changed.

These areas have now been staked as red, a lateral hazard.

1st Hole - Right hand side bush next to the first first few trees to the right.

3rd Hole - Continuing area from the first hole area, all the way round the back of the green to the drop hole teeing ground.

Drop Hole - The area right off the tee, until the bush ends.

7th Hole - Continuing from the drop hole, all the bush are right of 7th, all the way up to the path to the 8th, meeting with hazard area for the 1st.

These changes were made by the Golf Committee to speed up pace of play.

When your ball is deemed to be in the hazard, please go to your entry point and take a drop and procced to play, note the time you have to look for your ball is maximum of 3 minutes.

A reminder to all, due to our weather conditions the grounds have softened up to the limit, so please be extra vigilant on replacing divots and repairing pitch marks.


Happy Golfing,

Joonsang Chung

Director of Golf

Redwood Park Golf Club
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