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Hi to all members,

As you can all imagine we are dealing with some testing times here at RedwoodPGC with what the weather that has been giving  to us. As reported earlier from Josh we have currently twice as much rain fall this July than last year and looking ahead to next week it does not look like easing. We could be well into the 300mm mark come the end of the month which is nearing record numbers. The chances of course closures are likely next week if this weather comes which has been forecasted, so please keep an eye on daily emails relaying those messages. Thank you all for your patience and understanding.

Next week we will utilise the average weather and have nine holes only on Monday and Tuesday for play as we will be solid tining of the greens, which nines we will be shutting will be determined closer to the time due to how much bad weather comes in. We will be doing a deep solid tine and a shallow solid tining over top. The greens are benefitting with this extra aeration we are giving them and we are seeing lots more healthier root growth because of it.


Under foot at the moment out there is rather damp and even more so for some of our bigger mowers. Some areas are unable to be mowed and our call up here at the sheds is a bit of longer grass is better than wheel marks everywhere and the chances of us getting stuck.  Like you all we are wanting reasonable weather to get more grooming done and feel as frustrated as the golfers with this time of year and the limitations it brings. We don’t take the decision lightly with course closures and no carts, but know how much it effects all who is involved here at the club. Again, thank you for your understanding that we are doing all we can to preserve and care for the course as much as we can.


Going forward we have made the decision that if the course is open for play, that carts on the front nine (paths only) will be available. Josh and I have made some adjustments to the geo-fencing so that the carts can only be driven on the paths and I please ask that this is followed. The office will inform cart users when the back nine is suitable for use.


Daniel Godek

Course Superintendent

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