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Weekly Report
Course Superintendent

Hi to all members,

Firstly, congratulations to ALL pennants teams that have and are still representing the club; our little old course in West Auckland producing some great Results. With some great weather lately out here on the course it is a small reminder that at any point it could turn for the worse and for all golfers to be aware and vigilant, with damper weather brings slipperier surfaces, softer conditions for cart users and more pitch marks and divots needing to be replaced.

Sand top-dressing

This week we applied our monthly application of sand to the greens, some of the staff were confronted out on the course about why exactly we do this?? Sand top-dressing regularly helps the greens surface in many ways, none more so at this time of year when there is rain around. It contributes to thatch dilution, surface firmness & consistent ball roll. It is a vital part of any golf course's cultural practice and not a tool to annoy golfers. I do apologise if your round of golf falls on this day but is a practice you will all see more of.

Pitch Marks & Divots

I am getting asked the question about how to fix this problem more and more and I guess the answer is to keep going on and on and on and on about it!! Please, can there be more effort out there on the greens to keep them pitch mark free! A couple of months ago club member Kyle Cooper and Myself did something different down on the 10th green. We ran a little exercise about how many pitch marks were left or repaired incorrectly by placing a golf ball on each of them and filmed the effect with a drone fly over. I have a small talk on everything relative to this subject and the video will be posted soon on our website, Facebook & Instagram!! It is amazing to see how much traffic our playing surfaces are getting and this only intensifies the busier we get. When this video becomes available I ask you all to have a quick watch so we can all have a clear understanding of the battles we face.

Driveway Speed

The speed down the driveway is a massive problem at the moment and we are noticing it is getting worse and worse! I have brought big rubber speed humps to be bolted to the driveway in order to combat this issue!! I worry that it’ll take someone getting hit or for a vehicle to get smashed for real action to happen. I would like to add that I have young kids that live onsite here at Redwood, they have been told over and over again about the dangers of the driveway and that it is not a playground. They have listened and are doing very well…………… it’s your turn!! Until these speed humps are fixed to the drive please do not take offence if you are confronted about your speed!!

I hope you are all enjoying this awesome Autumn weather and the golf is to suit!!


Daniel Godek

Course Superintendent

Redwood Park Golf Club
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