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Hello everyone

It is good to slowly move back to normality. Here are a few items to note: With the move to Covid-19 2.5 there are a few changes being implemented in line with NZ Golf and North Golf guidelines.

1 Top Dog &Top Cat

Top Dog's third round will be played this weekend as well as Top Cat's semi-final.

The next round of Top Dog, due to availability of players will be moved and we will let you know as soon as we can.

Good luck to all of you playing this weekend.


Any scorecards handed in during level 3 lockdown period of 15 August to 31st August, have been deleted under NZ Golf and North Golf guidelines.

Presently cards must be placed in the box provided and will be entered after 3 days.

Clubhouse & Bar

We will be following 2.5 guidelines and the clubrooms will be limited to 100 people, with seated service only and no cash, we will only accept electronic payment via Pay wave, and you will be asked to return your own glasses and put your beer bottles in the bins provided. The Bar will be open Wednesdays, Fridays and the weekends with Hot Pies and fresh Sandwiches available - all items of food will be packaged.

We are being cautious and following guidelines, it has been bought to our attention and to that of the board, that some of our members blatantly ignored the restrictions imposed on the club during lockdown level 3, with bubbles being broken, changed daily or by joining other players while playing outside of that 2 person bubble. It was also noted that the plastic covers on the water fountains were ripped or removed – this put the club at risk and we have had visits from the police checking our activities during this time.

We do know most of you did comply with the guidelines set for us as a club, and we thank you for that.

We would appreciate all members following the current guidelines, as non-compliance puts the club in danger of being closed.
Thankyou for your continuing cooperation and patience
Hennie Greeff
Secretary Manager 
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