Dear Members,

It has been too long since my last update on the Cart Path Project. It was always going to be a huge undertaking but throwing in business issues then Pandemics then more issues caused by Pandemics and it seems there has been a conspiracy against it all. I am however up and running again so we move forward.

Obviously the weather now has halted any possibility of further construction on the course but updating plans for the project still continues. Dan and his crew have been working hard to come to grips with the wet spots on the back nine and it is his hard work that is keeping the carts on the course till now. The weekend saw more roped off areas that identified bad areas and as long as we respect those instructions the chances of carts being available are a lot higher. It is up to us the users to be sensible about where and how carefully we drive. It was pleasing that carts were able to be used on the front nine last week for Business House when we had the worst weather we have had all Winter. It enabled us to have a nine hole competition when otherwise many would not have been able to play.

We are in discussion about how we go forward. It is inevitable that the weather will eventually force the back nine to be closed to carts as it was last Business House. The possibility of using the carts paths for first eight, switching to trundlers or carry bags for the back side of the course then back to the cart for the 18th is an option. Otherwise those who medically cannot walk the back nine may be still able to just have a cart path competition. We will advise our thoughts on this in the coming weeks.

While we cannot work on the course we have been putting together an application to the Trusts for a grant. This will allow us to bring in professionals to carry on with the work. We are applying for funds to complete the whole job but have wish lists that would complete the remaining three targets. First constructing back nine. Second sealing the front and third sealing the back. If this is successful in any way it will take the pressure off and I will not have to take all your spare cash or embarrass you into working bees every week. We should be able to submit the application this week. You will hear me where ever you are if we are successful.

The availability of carts is becoming an issue. We are currently limited to the number of carts we have by the availability of space in the Cart Shed. Creating more storage space has been discussed and with the paths opening up the course it is becoming more urgent. There is an informal waiting list of Members that would take up Space should it come available. I know from new Members that I have spoken to that there a many more of you that wish to be on that list. The board are very aware that we need to invest in additional carts and additional space for those carts as well as for private owners. As soon as we make them aware of just how many will take these options the more confident the board will be regarding the investment they have to make.

To that end I would ask all that would be interested in taking space and those that intend using carts for medical reasons to contact me or the office so that we can produce an accurate list. Note that there will be times when course conditions allow Members with Medical Certificates Only to hire and use carts. This also applies to some

Tournaments. Obtain a Medical Certificate from your Doctor or Specialist and the office will keep it on record. For most competitions

you will still be able to use the carts. Apologies for lack of noise from me over last few months.


As Patron of the Club Apologies to the many New Members that I have not caught up with. Since the new year many of you have been able to sneak in unannounced. Please make yourselves known to me and please do not hesitate in tapping into the knowledge I have stored away. I only have this Grey Hair from sorting out Committees, Managers, Bar Staff, and anyone else that tries to interrupt our having a good time. Remember the main objective in this crazy game is to have a good time. Make sure you get into the clubrooms to tell all about your 300 metre drive and your 40 foot putt.

Thank you again and Regards,

John Harrison.

Club Patron

Project Co Ordinator.

0274 949 234.

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