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Hi Everyone,

I would like to introduce myself to you all having started this month as your new Facilities Manager at the Club, I do know many of you from my time working the bar for the last six months, but you may not know my background.

I am a local who has returned to New Zealand after 25 years working in Europe, EMEA, the Americas and more recently Hong Kong, China, Korea, India and Japan. I have just spent 4 years in Invercargill working as a Digital Programme Manager for a mutual bank, but came back to Auckland in 2018 in order to look after my terminally ill Mother full time. I took a weekend bar position with Redwood Park, primarily to have a break from illness and to meet new people, which I have enjoyed greatly, and with Mum now at rest, I have accepted the role as your new Facilities Manager.

I am excited to work with the team and the board to see where we can make improvements for you as our members.

Firstly we are looking to improve your membership DD's and to generally upgrade the way we manage your accounts within our systems.

Upcoming changes

COVID 19 - In the coming weeks we will be making credits against your accounts for the COVID 19 holiday for April Subs

June Subs - will be taken from your accounts by Direct Debit this coming Monday 6th July

July Subs - will be taken by Direct Debit Monday 27th July (this is because the Clubs financial year end falls 31st June)

Statements will be prepared for all members and will be made available should you require them.

We are moving to a new, more modern system in the new financial year, which will enhance our ability to make invoicing and payments much quicker, we are adopting Zero which will help us speed up our service to all of our members.

There will be a review made behind the Bar, including pricing and stock-list and I will be reaching out to you to ask if there is anything you would prefer us to stock and we will accommodate where possible. We are looking to open the bar a little later on Saturday nights, in order to cater for our later players and Russell will be running the Jolly Joker after the last players are in, to enable as many of you who wish to partake, to do so.

We will also be trialing from this coming weekend, Hot Soup and rolls from the Bar, starting with Pea and Ham and Thai Pumpkin soup. This will be made available prior to the kitchen being opened and will be available until it has all been eaten. Hot pies and toasted sandwiches will also be available when the kitchen is closed.

I have a new email address, facilities@redwoodparkgolf.co.nz, please feel free to drop me a line if you have any questions or suggestions as we move forward with improvements for the club.

Many thanks


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