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Weekly Report

Hi to all members,


It’s good to be back in level 1 and somewhat normality, as you would have noticed all bunkers are back in play with the rakes back out, sand buckets are now available at the first tee and divot buckets are back on the par 3 tees. I ask you please to keep using these as it all to help keep the course tidy and playable for all!! Winter is kicking in slowly and you will all notice the course is starting to get a little wet in places, please be carefully out there either walking or using carts.  I’ll be pushing carts out as much as possible but the rain fall will end up deciding that for us all.


For the cart users you will notice the signs and ropes are starting to be placed back out there slowly and you are asked to take note and take care by following the directions. Its firstly for your own safety, the looking after of the turf areas and the care for the clubs carts, more ropes and signs to follow as we get wetter; thank you.

Pitch Marks

Pitch marks have been well below par and I have witnessed golfers pitch onto the greens and walking away and leave them?? With a kindly reminder I have confronted these golfers and I’m amazed not one of them were carrying pitch mark repairers!!! Personally I think you should NOT be allowed to print a score card without proof of a pitch mark repairer in your pocket!! I am not sorry if offence is taken if you are approached by myself or one of the staff about fixing them!

Sanding Greens

Monday the 15th of June we will be sand top-dressing the greens with a light application of sand. This process is important for thatch dilution & surface firmness; the sand will be applied in the AM (morning) and dragged in the PM (afternoon).

Driveway speed

I need to mention the speed of members driving down our driveway in and out of the club; I had an incident a few weeks back where a member was driving at speed and collected one of our work vehicles, no damage to ours but unfortunately his came off second best and had a bit to his. We see it on a daily basis where cars fly down the main drive, just a kindly reminder that it is 10km with signs easily visible and you are required to give way to all green staff. Again I will not hesitate to remind golfers if witnessed driving at high speeds. Thank you.

Dan Godek

Course Superintendent

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