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HI All.

Trust you and you families have survived lock down unscathed and have enjoyed the last few weeks back at golf, albeit with a few modifications.

It has been good to support our members during this time with exclusive access to the course. We felt this was important, particularly under level three with the limitations in playing groups of 2 or less. After significant inquiries we have decided to open the course to green fee players, however, until we move out of level 2 it will be limited to affiliated players playing with a member as from Tuesday 2 June 20.

Marshaling and slow play

The last two weeks we have implemented marshaling on a Saturday. Whilst play in general has been OK we have had significant feedback from members experiencing wait times on shots and the marshals have seen multiple groups waiting on tees. When you fall behind the group in front, remember it may look like the group behind you is playing at a similar pace to you, however the holdup may be experienced further back.  These hold ups cause frustration and effects the enjoyment of others

Please ensure that your pace of play is a focus in your group and remember that it is to be maintained at behind the group in front, rather than in front of the group behind.

The new rules implemented last year contain a draft of local rules for persistent slow players however as a committee we have chosen not to implement this at this time. However, we will be maintaining the use of marshals. Please do not take offence if they speak to you about your pace of play, they will be keeping you informed of the pace in front of you and are trying to help. If you have fallen significantly behind, you may be asked to catch up.


Top Dog and Top Cat are being rescheduled, dates will be announced later this week or early next week. For this to occur it has been decided to cancel the Stan Walker trophy this year.

During Lock down we did miss the Captains trophy on 18 April, this has been rescheduled to 13 June. The PGA trophy has been brought forward to 20 June from 5 September in order to make space for Top Dog and Top Cat to be moved.

Normal scrambles will resume from 6 June.


Unfortunately, all North Harbour men’s pennants has been cancelled for the year. This is a big disappointment for our top team who were on track to finish top of their grade and likely challenge for the next division.


A man stands on the first tee ready to play – it’s a par three, bush in front of him, a lake in front of the green. The man looks at the hole, then puts an old ball on the tee, to be safe. Then a voice from above said to him “Use a new ball.” So he puts the old ball back, and puts a brand new ball on the tee. Then he has a practice swing, preparatory to hitting his tee shot. No sooner has he finished his practice swing when the voice from above spoke again – “Use an old ball”

Yours in golf

Jeremy Cooper (Coops)

Club Captain

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