Hello everyone

It’s lovely to be back to playing golf again.


We have been quietly working in the background getting ready to gradually open in terms of the rules set by the government. We are aware that other clubs have already done so due to their interpretation of the guidelines. Our perpetration has included a full “deep clean” of the clubhouse and a flushing of the keg pipes among other things. These changes have now made it possible to open our club facilities.

We are now able to open the clubhouse and bar on Saturday from 11 am to 6 pm. It will still be closed on Sunday. Once we have staffing sorted a decision will be taken early next week as to the further opening of the facilities.

The clubhouse will open with table service only (no queuing and ordering at the bar). There will be no cash sales; cards only. You will be pleased to know we now have mobile Eftpos with PayWave, so payment for your drinks should be easier and faster than in the past. Given we have one server per table we will be unable to have catering at this stage.


Even at level 2 contact tracing is imperative so we emphasise all members must check in at the office before teeing off. We will also need all those entering the the club-room after their round. Whilst this may seem overkill it will provide stronger contact tracing in the event of a player testing positive for COVID-19. Should a player test positive, all those at the club on the day will be required to be tested and enter isolation. The more robust the contact tracing we have the fewer that need to be disrupted, hence the implementation of a separate check in for the clubhouse. It is very important, as non-compliance with the COVID-19 guidance, may lead to the club being fined or closed. Failure to observe contact tracing and congregation control may see membership suspension.

The showers will not be open, also in part due to the extreme water shortage.

We thank everyone for your patience and cooperation in this regard.

Thank you

Hennie Greeff Secretary Manager

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