RPGC Members Update

Hi all

Another great weekend of weather, enabling many to get out on the course. Our latest update on the Course and Club conditions, which will continue to change as we find out more on what Level 2 looks like and how we can manage the tee times and Club facilities.


During the lock down the golf committee has been unable to meet and as such planning for the fixtures in the book have been placed on hold. The committee will meet later in the month and will provide an official update on tournaments and fixtures once that has happened. Mean time we can confirm that Top Dog and Top Cat has been postponed and qualifying will not be next weekend. Once new dates are confirmed we will let you know.

Pitch Marks

Many thanks to you all for the effort placed into repairing pitch marks on the greens, there has been a noticeable reduction. Please keep the effort up as it not only makes a difference to others that follow, it helps keep the greens in good health.

Level 2 Playing Conditions

On Friday we saw the latest update from NZ Golf on rules for Level Two, you can see on their website:


The date which we will move to level 2 will be advised late on Monday 11th May. We have assumed that it will be prior to the weekend, and we have locked off bookings from Saturday until we know when the level changes, as it will affect the booking times.

The most important principle is to "Play it Safe" and maintain ‘Social Distancing’ from others.

 General Guidelines Summary 

·      The  course, club house changing rooms and other club facilities can open during level 2.    

Ct    Contact tracing protocols will remain in place.

·      Physical   distancing (2 metres) between staff, players and visitors should be maintained. Distancing should be maintained both on the Course and in the Clubhouse.

·      Clubhouse facilities are limited to 100 people at a time.

· G   Guests in the Clubhouse should be seated and have separation from others. To be served by a single server if possible and remain seated with the group they played with.

On Course

·      We will have the ability to play in Fours.

·       While the handicapping system will be operational, we have a choice of not allowing cards. If cards are taken, they    should not be swapped. We will review scramble competitions and card use after a week of operating in Level 2.

·        No sharing of equipment.

·       Flag sticks are available, but MUST REMAIN untouched

·       Whilst bunker rakes are available, we will not place these out initially under Level 2. This rule will be reviewed       regularly, therefore bunkers remain GUR under RPGC local rule.

·      Drinking fountains and ball washers will remain closed.

Once we change to Level 2, we will revert to the normal bookings. This will mean the tee times will revert to 8 minutes from 6 minutes. should the Level change before Sunday, we will open the ability to play in fours, therefore tee times will change so please make sure you keep an eye on the booking sheets for any changes.

Green Fee Players

At this stage we have not decisions on allowing green fee players. This will be done over the next week.

Thank you all for your patience and co-operation. 
Redwood Park golf Club Board 
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