23 February 2020


                   CART PATH WORKING BEE

                                               This Sunday 23rd February 

                                      9am till 1pm



Hello Again,

Just a quick reminder re Sunday Cart Path Bee.


Club have offered a few beers for those who can give up some of their time on Sunday.


This will most likely be the last working bee for the front part of the course as I am sure we will knock the boxing over quite quickly. That will give us the ground work to get metal down next week and we will have the ability to play at least 9 holes right through out the Year.


Come on Guys and Girls. Just give me an hour if you are busy. We can do this with your help. I promise you will have a sense of pleasure when that last nail goes in.



Thank you again and Regards,

John Harrison.

Project Co Ordinator .

0274 949 234.


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