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Hi to all members,

8th Tee

The decision has been made that we will be turfing the 8th tee to get it back into play asap. The feedback regarding the new back tee was positive, so we have located more pure kikuyu turf to transfer to our main 8th tee. This isn’t my preferred turf type but it will give it an instant finish with an opening of around 2-3 weeks. Our course is predominantly kikuyu so it makes sense to work with what we have and to have it back in play sooner rather than later. The main objective was to fix the damage that occurred and to create a level playing surface, which has been done.

The area that we have agreed on is the 4th  fairway approach. We will be cutting approximately 180m2 of turf off this area and transferring it to the 8th tee. Once the tee is completed we will take new material down to the 4th ; reshape it with a seed finish. This area will be G.U.R for a bit while it grows in. We have irrigation if needed and its already well drained for a quick germination. If a small bit of disruption can be handled to areas like this and the members and Board are happy with the re-establishment, we will be putting plans in place to do more tees with a quick turnaround.

Course conditions     

We are starting to see more regular rainfall now and the ground conditions are starting to get a little damp with this weekend not looking too much better. The course care should be alerted to all with more damage occurring with traffic and cart users around the place. We have noticed already wheel marks from carts spinning out near banks and wet areas. I will keep full use of carts going for as long as possible but if more of this is noticed, then closing the course to carts will happen quicker than normal. Please keep carts away from greens and tees; use paths where possible. In the near future the ropes and signs will be out to direct traffic away from the bad areas.

This wetter weather is a result of some softer green surfaces so making sure all pitch marks are fixed. Continue to keep topping up your sand buckers with the sand provided. Extra rubbish bins have been placed out on the course so can we make more of an effort to use them.

Top putting green  

We have done some renovations on the putting green this week and will remain closed. With the size of this area and the amount of traffic we get on it we are finding it’s struggling to hold strong. A main reason is golfers standing in the same areas putting at the same hole for lengths at a time. This week we have punched deep and shallow holes  and put some new seed in the struggling areas with a heavy top-dressing to finish. We may have a set schedule for this green going forward where it's shut a few days a week, so it’s not closed for lengths at a time.

All the best to everyone participating in the Top Dog and Top Cat qualifying this weekend. Good luck also to the Redwood Park Interclub team playing their final this Sunday. Happy golfing!!  

Daniel Godek

Course Superintendent

Redwood Park Golf Club
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