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Hi to all members,

A reminder that our fortnightly sand top-dressing is due on Monday. A light dusting will be carried out first thing Monday morning. There is NO closures and the course is open as normal.

I have noticed a slight effort in divot repairs by how much sand has been used out of our barrels. There is still room for improvement with all the course care but a big thank you to all members that take pride in the place and put in a massive effort with pitch marks, divots, bunker raking etc.



Yesterday morning we saw our first signs of frost out on the course. The low lying areas had pockets of frost which means that we are nearing winter and course closures and delays. An email from the club will be sent out explaining our clubs protocol on course closures and delays. The more the temperature drops and wetter we get out there.  Members must expect delays and closures for the good of the course. It’s a very hard decision to make these calls, knowing it effects your day's golfing, but they are made not only for the good of the course but ultimately for the safety of all members and visitors playing.

8th Tee

We took a punt with the couch stolon’s but now with the cooling temps that are here, its making it hard for a full covering and for them. At the board meeting next Monday the call will be made on whether we seed or locate some good Kikuyu turf from around the course to lay on top. If the turf option is decided we will pick a healthy section on 1 part of fairway and transfer to the tee.

Happy golfing!


Daniel Godek

Course Superintendent

Redwood Park Golf Club
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