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Welcome to the second edition of The Redwood Cut, in this edition we cover a lot that happened since the first edition.


First things first, I would like to borrow this opportunity to thank our greenkeepers for their fantastic job during coring and after to get the greens back to norm.

The coring week is the biggest event for the greenkeepers to keep us happy on those pesky 5 foot putts, to keep the greens healthy so they can stay as true as they can.

Next time when you are out there, please show your appareciation to the greens staff for all the hard work they are putting in.

A reminder to the new members, the greens staff always has the right of way, during play.

Course Marshals

In the last edition, I have requested the members to volunteer for course marshals. So far we have not had anyone showing their hand up for the job, we are always open to receive volunteers to keep the pace of play in check.

The Golf Committee would love to find a volunteer/s to come out on the weekend to monitor pace of play, there will be a complementary drink / food for them.

5 Squared +

Welcome to our ambitious project to include those who are just starting their golf career. Most of our club events only allow maximum handicap of 24 for men due to various reasons, that is why we are proud to introduce the 5 squared + (basically 25+ handicap) group.

It is simple, to play you just have to let the front office know you are willing to participate in the event and once we figure out an approximate number of players who are keen, we will accomodate the members accordingly.

The entry fee for the event will be between $3-5, so please let the front office know if you are ready to take the challenge of starting in competition golf!

Sunday Scrambles

Sunday Scramble is where our Golf Committee wants more attendance, it has a completely different atmosphere to the Saturday competitions so if you are looking into a slightly more relaxed form of competition, please let the staff know that you would like to participate in the scramble.

Twilight Ending

Twilight competition has now ended, congratulations to all the participants and winners. The results will be posted under the Captain's Log section.

Winter Office Hours

The office hours have now gone into Winter Hours, and the tee bookings will be closing at 4:00pm.

At Russell's request during the weekends the tee bookings will be opened to 5pm to accomodate our weekend 9 holers.

Please take note, of the winter hours, should you need to play after 4:00pm, turn up to the 1st tee as normal and proceed to play.

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Tuesday Working Bee Volunteers

Our working bees who usually gather around 9:00am are looking for more volunteers to come out and help shape our beautiful course.

If anyone is interested plesae let the front office know, or turn up around 9:00am on Tuesday morning to join our working bees!

Above are the works of our working bees last year to keep our members happy, man it even rained that day.

She Loves Golf

The Club is looking into another series of She Loves Golf, unforunately last year the winter series we had in plan was postpone due to poor weather and then was struck with the lockdowns. This year we are looking into an earlier date, we will inform you as soon as we lock down a date.

If you are unaware of what She Loves Golf is, there is a link below for more details.

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A Word from the Golf Committee

A reminder to all, bunkers to be raked after the shot, also need to look at the pitch marks and divots as the grounds will soften and will be more receptive to damage.

As the daylight savings have ended, the amount of sunlight members will be coming out to enjoy with be limited so please move promptly between shots to prevent any unnecesary hold ups during play. 

Remember to exercise Ready Golf, be ready to hit your shot as soon as your playing partners have hit, as safely as possible.



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Jayden Baek, winner of 2022 New Zealand All Abilities Championship which was held on the 11-12th of April at Muriwai.

What is a New Zealand All Abilities Championship? The New Zealand All Abilities Championship is the pinnacle national event for disabled golfers, and it is part of a world series of events run by national federations that are supported and endorsed by the R&A, USGA and IGF, not to mention it will be part of the EDGA calendar to be eligible for a World Ranking Points system similar to the event which was held around April last year at Redwood Park Golf Club.

You may have seen Jayden around the golf club, standing proud wherever he is, as he suffers from Autism Spectrum Disorder, particularly named Asperger's Syndrome.

I was blessed to meet Jayden in 2019 at the Maungakiekie Golf Club, as his golf coach and mentor so he could not only enjoy the game of golf but also to apply his work ethics and mental fortitude for his life ahead.

I arrived back at Redwood Park on the March of 2020 with Jayden, with hopes of showing him how I learnt to tackle my hardships in life and golf, being a former member myself since 1995.

As some of our members have already seen Jayden hard at practice since then, with playful remarks when addressed and howls of anger around the golf course as his frustration takes the best of him as it does to all of us.

Since January 2021, me and his mother (whom is also a member at our club) has decided to tackle the big fish in the pond and approach him with a very direct way of being critical yet fair about his golf and his mental fortitude.

It has been a very rocky road for three of us since then, going through the highs of when Jayden manages to compose himself and beating his personal best around 9 holes of play (2 under par, at this stage), and the lows where not only he would blow up, all three of us would blow up and not speak to each other for days to follow.

Although it has been a tough and rocky road for us, Jayden has achieved two victories since then, a vital win for him beating a Halberg Award Winner Guy Harrison in both instances for 2022 North Island Disability Golf Championship and 2020 New Zealand Disability Golf Championship.

He has also landed himself in a final selection process to represent for New Zealand in the 2023 Special Olympics in Berlin, Germany - where 7,000 Special Olympians from approximately 170 countries will arrive to celebrate for the sporting spirit in 24 sports.

It has been a long journey so far for Jayden, and I am proud to be part of the Redwood Park Golf Club's strong junior golfers tradition, to announce you our winner for 2022 New Zealand All Abilities Golf Champion, Jayden Baek.

Jayden's win marks the Club's second National Achievement, first one since 1987.

We are so proud of you Jayden, keep up the good work.

For more details, please click on the link below.

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On another note, please welcome Sue Childs, our first All Abilities Manager. Sue also has a child who has similarities to Jayden, and she has discussed with me to agree that should anyone want to approach the club with their son / daughter / nephew / neice in mind, she will gladly take them aboard and introduce them into the fantastic sport of Golf.

She is currently running Monthly Special Olympics Sessions at Remuera Golf Club, so if any of you are interested please let me know so I can connect you with her.

Special thanks to all the Pennants Team Managers and Captains,

Another season of Pennants have come and gone. With a mixture of results this season, overall we had a solid season we left a margin of improvement.

I would like to thank all the supporters and volunteers that were involved in the 2022 Pennants Season, here's a thumbs up for better season next year.

Special thanks goes to:

Frank Nobilo 

Ben Jujnovich - Team Captain

Hennie Greeff - Team Manager

Marcus Raman - Team Advisor

West Coast

Matt Eagleson - Team Captain / Manager

Mike Nelson / Joonsang Chung - Team Advisor


Jeremy Cooper - Team Captain / Manager / Advisor

Avinash Patel - Team Spirit Mascot


Roneel Prasad - Team Captain / Manager

Tommy Waitai - Team Advisor

Interclub 1

Hoe Seng Teoh - Team Captain / Manager

Mike Hadnett / Andrew McKenzie / Joonsang Chung - Team Advisor

Interclub 2

Mike Ironside - Team Captain / Manager / Advisor

Women's Weekend Section 2

Chantelle Russo / Dale Harrison - Team Captain / Manager / Advisor

Referees / Starters / Senior Members of the Club to remain til end for any disputes

Steve Cooper - Referee / Starter

Warren McIvor - Starter / Senior Member of the Club

Jimmy Denyer - Senior Member of the Club

Western vets addiontional info

No Vet's scheduled on Monday public holidays

Waitakere - Cost $13, Carts $20

Redwood Park - Cost $13, Carts $20

Muriwai - Cost $25, Carts $34

RNZAF - Cost $10, No Carts Hire

Until the next edition,

Happy Golfing,

Joonsang Chung

Director of Golf



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Captain's Log

Welcome everyone, to this edition's Captain's Log. This weekend showed the completion of scheduled round of representative golf for our club.

There are few good results, few bad results too, with better luck next season we can look to have more good ones than the bad ones.


Frank Nobilo

1st May @ Mangawhai - Loss to Muriwai 4.5 to 3.5

The Nobilo team had a tough year to look for this year as we were a freshly promoted side from Rangitoto Division last year. All and all we finished around mid table, finishing just shy of North Shore by 1 team point and 2 match points.

Looking forward to a fresh start next year, good luck to our top side.

West Coast

3rd  April @ Waitakere - Win against Warkworth 5.5 to 2.5

This was a great performance by the newest formed team on the block. What a finshed by the team, only coming 3rd by two match points! Well done everyone, hopefully we can do one or two places better next year.


10th April @ Wainui - Loss to North Shore 5.5 to 3.5

1st May @ Omaha Beach - Win against Warkworth 7 to 2.

With young Bowen Shao at the helms at No.1 position - at the tender age of 13, what a masterful display of Team Captaincy by none other than our former Club Captain Jeremy Cooper. A team that lost their spirit a little last year, bounced back with a vengeance to finish in 4th out of 10 teams, just behind of Muriwai by 2.5 points.

What a comeback from last season guys, hope to see everyone coming back with the same intensity and spirit next season.


10th April @ Huapai - Loss to Waitakere 6 to 3.

Rough season by our Kaipara team this year, after the valiant win from the previous season. The team has set a good place to reboot for the next season, hats off to Roneel Prasad, the Team Captain to round the boys to finish the season with their heads held high. Good luck for the 2023 season!


Team 1

3rd April @ Redwood - Loss to Waitakere 39.5 to 32.5

10th April @ Wainui - Loss to Wainui 47 to 25

1st May @ Redwood Park - Win against Wainui 38.5 to 33.5

With the team being made with 4 days to go of the first round, and 3 of the 4 have never played a single Pennants match before, it was greatly to see the team progress into a decent finish of 8th from 10 teams considering how in experienced and short notice the team was created.

Good luck to all of the players, hoping to see you guys comeback to a season of interclub competition!

Team 2

3rd April @ Redwood Park - Win against Waitakere 40 to 32

10th April @ Omaha Beach - Loss against Omaha Beach 40 to 32

2nd May @ Redwood Park - Win against Huapai 37.5 to 34.5

What a great season! Ladies and gents, here is our best performing team of the season, winning the Interclub division, Interclub Champions of North Harbour 2022!

Great season to all, wonderful work by the Team Captain, Mike Ironside. 

Hope to see everyone back in form for the next season!

Women's Weekend Section 2

4th April @ Helensville - Loss to North Shore 58.5 to 49.5

The Women's team had a tough year this year, with room to improve for the next season. A few close matches however could have turned into wins, here's the best wishes for the next season.

Junior Harbour League

1st May @ Pupuke 

Lewis Qin - 1st Stableford Boys

Alex Qin - 3rd Stableford Boys

Johnny Zhou - 4th Stableford Boys

Howard Wang - 5th Stableford Boys

Sophi Yu - 1st Gross / Stableford Girls

8th May @ Muriwai

Bowen Shao - 4th Stableford Boys Div 1

Fangshuo Zhang - 3rd Stableford Boys Div 2

Sophie Yu - 3rd Stableford Girls 

Well, what a season this year for our young junior golfers, their schedule just ending last weekend, we have clawed ourselves upto the 3rd spot behind Pupuke and North Shore. As the format benefits the club with the most participants, we have done a stunning job to compete with clubs who have 3 or 4 times more than the number of our kids.

This season congratulations goes to Lewis Qin, who was the overall winner for the entire season.

Also special mention to Sophie Yu, our first win in the girls division since Annie Wairepo. Both of them have been seen working hard with their coach Joonsang Chung, hoping to see the kids move up to the men's divison and giving it their best go.

Huge thanks for the following volunteers:

Leigh Wilson - Starter 

Graham Lillie - Starter

And Lastly, I would like to congratulate our Junior Golf Director Tim Vogel, on another succuessful season of Junior Harbour League.

Words cannot describe how much effort and time he puts into our juniors, it's time to reap in the rewards now, Tim.

Twilight Results

1st April - Final Twilight


Position Name Hdcp Idx (Crse) Home club Round 1 Stableford
1 Gudsell, Peter 19.2 (9) Redwood Park 22
2 Kell, Chris 14.4 (6) Redwood Park 21
3 Roberts, Justin 11.3 (5) Redwood Park 21
4 Lewis, Sean 23.3 (11) Redwood Park 20
5 Stuart, Neil 18.7 (8) Redwood Park 20


Position Name Hdcp Idx (Crse) Home club Round 1 Gross
1 Noffke, Rob 1.4 (0) Redwood Park 35
2 Roberts, Justin 11.3 (5) Redwood Park 36
3 Kell, Chris 14.4 (6) Redwood Park 37
4 Atendido, Kenneth 9.7 (4) Redwood Park 37
5 Van Houtte, Ramon 10.5 (4) Redwood Park 37

Twilight Eclectic Results

Position Name Hdcp Idx (Crse) Home club 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Total
1 Hamilton, Lawrence 21.7 () Martinborough 23 21 20 19 19 19 18 13 152
2 Dingle, Ralph 21.9 () Redwood Park 21 20 19 18 18 17 16 15 144
3 Currie, Theresa 27.6 () Redwood Park 22 20 19 18 16 16 15 15


4 Kell, Chris 14.7 () Redwood Park 22 18 17 17 17 15 15 15 136


Offermans, Roderick

9.6 () Waitakere 23 19 17 16 15 15 14 12 131

For further competition results, please click on the link below, it will direct you to our club's webpage with results.

Yours Truly,

Jimmy Denyer

Club Captain






Quiz Night


1st and 3rd Wednesday of every month!

Starts at 7pm full bar available

See you all there!

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