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Hi to all members,

In the upcoming weeks we will be doing some practises on the greens that may disrupt some golf and I want to communicate to you in advance so you are all aware of it.

Week of the 2nd - 6th of May - Next week we are planning on a shallow spiking across all greens followed by a medium to light sand top dressing. We have Western Vets here on Monday the 2nd of May; so on Tuesday the 3rd of May we will carry out this work if the weather allows (Thursday will be our backup day). Note, the course will be open for play, you may experience a light sandy surface for some of the morning before we drag it all in.

Week of the 9th – 13th of May – Monday the 9th of May we will have a nine holes shut to start a deep needle tining of all the greens. On Tuesday the 10th we will have the other nine holes shut to do the same. Deep solid tining is an important practice for our greens as it gives much needed aeration to let the bad gases out and the good oxygen in. It helps towards compaction relief and thatch dilution. The reason we require these closures is because of the speed of the machine; to get the required performance the tractor is moving at a slow pace of 0.8 km (slower than walk pace) with a width of 1 meter, roughly about an hour a green. 

Week of the 16th – 20th of May – On Monday the 16th we will be following another shallow spiking over all the greens with a sand top-dressing. I may well aware that these aren’t the most ideal playing conditions if these dates clash with your golf. It all goes a long way to improving our greens surfaces. Sand top-dressing is a regularly practice at all golf courses all around the world. This helps with surface smoothness, firmness and breaking down the thatch below the canopy of the grass. We have had much discussion up here at the sheds about not hitting our targets with sand top-dressing and want communicate the message that you will be seeing it happening more often.

In the month of June we are planning some work on the drain lines that was carried on the 2nd, 3rd, 7th and 18th greens last year. Lots of notice will be given prior to this work. As I am happy with the drainage work we did, I’m not so happy with the sunk-in depressions that created after the sand settled. We will be closing one green at a time and cutting the turf back off these lines and placing sand underneath where its required to bring them back up to a playable level. We will more than likely work towards a green a week. The summer just gone was our first one on top of the new drain lines and it was a surprise to me on how quickly some of them burnt off. Measures will be in place next spring leading into summer with us having some good product sitting in them to help with moisture retention.

Again just a friendly reminder on pitch marks, divots and all round course care; you all can help towards having a better course by doing more. We are noticing less and less bunker raking after your shots and leaving them better than you found them!! Thank you to all that are putting in the required effort and a huge thanks on all your understanding with the work that is being carried out!


Daniel Godek

Course Superintendent

Redwood Park Golf Club
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