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The following requirements to apply to all players at RPGC.

Ready Golf for all Club Scrambles and Stroke Play events – examples of ready golf can be found at the bottom of this policy

Playing groups should maintain contact with the group immediately in front of them.

Where a group falls a hole behind and fails to catch up by the next hole, the following group can respectfully ask, and should be allowed to play through (All club members have the right to ask a group that has fallen behind to pick up the pace of play or allow the following group to play through – this request should be made in a respectful manner.)

It is the responsibility of all the group members to maintain the required pace of play.

Each group should aim to tee off each hole at the recommended time that is printed on each score card.

Any club member, who has formally asked a group to pick up the pace of play, shall be entitled to notify the golf committee in writing of their actions and shall name the members of that group.

Group members will be notified and given the opportunity to explain their pace of play.

The club via the golf committee, shall keep a record of those members who have been the subject of a slow play. If their actions are repeated on a regular basis, the committee reserves the right to take further action.

Our policy is in no way meant to alienate and/or make one feel inferior. This is merely an attempt to ensure that everyone has an enjoyable game of golf.

Ready Golf examples – Each player should be ready to play once the group in front has finished their shot or they are at a distance that is considered safe. All equipment (gloves, balls/tees) should be in position, with practice swings completed so that play can begin once the group in front has moved on. If a member of a group loses a ball, they have three minutes to locate the ball. Players should help locate this but not at the cost of slow play I.E. in a group of four players, not everyone should immediately search for the ball, players should alternate between looking for the ball and playing their shot.

Redwood Park Golf Club

Redwood Park Golf Club
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