Matchplay Championships for men

Dear members

Please find below details of the upcoming Men’s Matchplay Club Champs.

The relevant dates are:

Sat. Feb 6 – Matchplay Qualifying - Gross

Sat. Feb 13 – Matchplay Champs – Rd 1

Sat. Feb 20 – Matchplay Champs – Rd 2

Sat. Feb 27 – Matchplay Champs - Rd 2, RESERVE DATE

Sat. March 6 – Matchplay Champs -  Semi Finals

Sat March 20 - Matchplay Champs - FINALS 

Due to the higher levels of participation in the 2020 Matchplay Champs the conditions of play will be similar.

If you are unable to play the qualifying round but want to be part of the matchplay field please put your name on the matchplay ‘RESERVE’ list on the club competitions noticeboard.

Each division is limited to 16 players; however, if there are spare spots available, players will be added to the draw within their handicap division from the reserve list.

The matchplay rounds have 2 weeks set aside for completion. The draw for each round will be set for the first scheduled week and players need to agree with their opponents if it is to be deferred to the second week.

Handicaps to determine the division you qualify for will be based off the handicaps as on 6th February 2021.

Divisions are based on actual course handicaps.

Seniors - < 6

Intermediate - 7 to 11

Junior - 12 to 16

C Grade - TBC

D Grade - TBC

Please feel free to contact the golf committee if you have any queries.


Redwood Park Golf Committee

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