DotGolf System goes live

Hi all,

We are pleased to advise that today we have started the switch over from our old ‘Club Manager’ system to the new ‘DotGolf’ system.

The DotGolf system brings a number of benefits to the Club, for both our Staff and Members. One of the enhancements for Members, is you will be able to see the statement balance of your Membership subscriptions.

Please note a few important points of what has been transferred into DotGolf today:

1. A balance will currently only show if you have an amount owing.

2. Please, if you think the balance is incorrect, contact the Office to discuss.

3. If you have an amount outstanding please make arrangements to bring the balance up to date, and;

    o If If you do need an invoice before making a payment, please contact the Office

    o We appreciate some Members may have 2019 and 2020 subscriptions to pay. Given the time of the year, we appreciate this may not be possible. Again please contact the Office if you wish to make any payment arrangements.     

4. A credit balance will show as Zero (this will be updated in January).


The Board
Redwood Park Golf Club Inc
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