Greenkeepers Report

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Hi to all members,


I hope you are all enjoy this great run of fine weather, as you can tell the summer conditions have started early with the run of the golf ball already there and the drying patches that are already developing out there. With our rain fall figures well below average this means the irrigation system is in full flight and also targeted hand watering, I ask you all for some patience if either we have programmed a light syringe water on the greens or one of our crew are hand watering on any green, it’s all to relieve heat stress, we are well aware that the golf needs to keep moving but if you could wait until you are called up for the safety of the staff it would be much appreciated.  


Sand Top-dressing


On Monday (23rd) we will be applying a light top-dressing of sand to all the greens, this all helps to manage our greens surface with thatch dilution, surface firmness and ball roll.




You would have noticed regular closures on these two areas, Back in renovation week these two greens had a bit of heaving I some areas, this was due to a bad root structure and the decision was made to core them with our bigger tines (5/8 tine). We will continue to swap and change which putter will be open until we get a full recovery, this weekend the top putter will be closed and I ask if you could all follow the ropes and signs. North Shore Golf Club have kindly gifted us some greens turf and the repairs on those torn areas and this will start next week.


I hope you all have great weekend golfing!!



Daniel Godek

Course Superintendent

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