The Brokenwood Mysteries Filming
Thursday 24 September 2020

South Pacific Pictures have requested to use our golf course to shoot an episode of the Brokenwood Mysteries.
They made use of our course previously. The course and club facilities will therefore be closed on 24 September 2020, but members will be allowed to enter and play the second nine holes only. You are asked to adhere to requests/instructions from the film crew when shooting is in progress around the clubhouse. 
The following timeline was given: 

So as it currently stands we will move up to the Golf course at around 1200hrs, I will probably bring up my UNIT truck earlier at around 08.30/9am and park this in the 1st car park on the right as you enter from the main access way. this is where we will also lunch, and I will keep a clearway for vehicles leaving the club.

When we arrive we will park our Tech vehicles in the main carpark on the left (as shown on the map) from here we will start our "Driving Shot along the gravel access way between 1200hrs - 13.30hrs.

We then repo down by the practice putting green between 13.45 - 15.45hrs , this sees our main character walk past the putting green and start making hi9s way to hole 8 .

Then Its lunch break between 14.00 - 14.45hrs.

After lunch we are around hole 8 until 1700hrs , after that's completed we move to the deck off the side of the building above the putting practice green, where we are until 1800hrs. We then move inside the club rooms from 1800 till the end of our day at 20.15hrs

I also include a map of the activities contemplated by the film crew.
The club will get good publicity as a result as our club's name will be used in the episode.
I thank you and appreciate your cooperation in this regard.
Hennie Greeff
Secretary Manager 
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