Hi everyone,
We thank all of you who have complied with all the requirements set out in our previous emails regarding the conditions applicable to playing on our course.
We have unfortunately received a second call from a concerned neighbour observing people gathering in the top part of the car park and having drinks and forming a group too large in terms of the Covid restrictions.
We were informed that they would not call the club in future but report it directly to the Police. 
I personally saw the Police last Saturday, patrolling down Church Street and observing our activities.
The Board view this in a very serious light and for a few irresponsible members to jeopardise the club's future is, to say the least, very selfish.
If members continue acting irresponsibly, we will consider their suspension from the club.
Please re-visit our earlier email regarding distancing, arriving, playing and immediately leaving the premises.
Thanks you for your co-operation and support. 
Hennie Greeff
Secretary Manager 
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