Damage to course / Cart Usage

Damage to course

Unfortunately, we have had vandals access the course from Swanson Rd and damage the fourth green for the second week in a row. This is not only a concern for the course it is a concern for the local community.

Dan and the team are working hard to repair the damage however it is very demoralizing for them to have to undertake these repairs that then distract them from other duties on the course. We are working on identifying the culprits however if you have any knowledge of who may be doing this please contact the office.

Whilst on security we are also aware of several incidents where vehicles are entering the carpark during hours of darkness with no legitimate reason for being there. There has been a trailer stolen and a few wheelies. Thankfully there has been no damage to the course from vehicles to date.

We are now having to consider additional security measures to protect our property and the safety of staff and others who are legitimately on the course after hours. The cost of this is likely to be significant and will divert funds from other areas of capital expenditure such as refurbished soil greens, clubhouse repairs / renovations and ultimately machinery replacement.

If you have reason to be at the course after dark or need to leave your vehicle at the course overnight, please let staff know. The leaving of vehicles in the car park for extended periods is not approved. This encourages unwanted attention and we do not wish any vandalism or theft to progress vehicles, the clubhouse or green-keepers shed.

Cart Usage

Once again cart usage has been an issue. The call on cart usage is the sole decision of the grounds staff. As at Monday we have had 200 mm more rain than the same time last year and yet we have had more cart usage than the same time last year.

In the current environment decisions on cart usage Saturdays and Sundays will not be made until after the staff have completed the course preparation for the day. This will allow the full course to be evaluated before decisions are made. The previous days cart status will remain until the office have been informed of a change. Please do not request the office staff to change the status as they are unable to override grounds staff decisions in this regard.

Dan and the grounds staff are on the course most days at or before 6 am. They work hard to present the course in a great condition – even when the weather is terrible. Once they come off the course, they are entitled to be able to relax and enjoy their time off. Therefore, please refrain from contacting them after hours and respect their decisions, which have the best interests of the course (and ultimately those of us who use the course) at heart. Should you need to voice concern over anything, please do this constructively to the manager at the office, who will coordinate a response from the appropriate person/s.

This does not mean that the team are not approachable, rather they are very happy to answer questions and educate us on the intricacies turf management, drainage, irrigation and in Dan’s case, even the odd opinion on Manchester United performance in the premier league. Dan and the team are very social and are more than happy to share a beverage (or two) and enjoy a great discussion so please do not feel the team are less approachable than they have been.

Jeremy Cooper
Club Captain 
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