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Hi to all members,

With great sadness I start this week’s report of the news our green keeper Don Fischer’s Wife Fran has passed away, sadly she has lost her battle to a long illness and our thoughts are with the family at these hard times. The club will work closely with Don to give him our full support and the time he needs, the flag will continue to fly at half-mast in memory.


As you are well aware we have had lots of continuous rain in the past week making for softer conditions, Last month was a total of 230 mm of rain which finding out the other day is about 80 mm above annual average for this area, to add to that we have had another 68 mm this week to really kick this winter into gear but on a brighter note the weather forecast for the next 7-8 days is looking promising for lots of golf, still ask that care is taken out there with curtain areas to be avoided.


After the run of weather we have had I am happy with how the course is holding up and the procedure we have in place to try have our carts out as much as possible, credit to you all for making the effort to stick to our paths and the map provided but still understanding it is day by day basis and close at any time to being closed. I have maybe the call to allow members only this weekend again and please ask that your behaviour continues, please follow ALL paths, signs, ropes and if possible if you don’t require one, please leave it for the members that do. If someone is spotted in the wrong area a gentle reminder from you all would be nice.

My main concern on the back nine is from the 9th tee to the fairway (Landing Zone) and the 17th tee to the dry rough (Landing Zone) left of the fairway, ropes and signs will be added to these areas before the weekend to guide you all right.

Care should also be taken with trundlers as well, please spread the exit points of our paths and use a different route than the group before you, it makes a huge difference for the look of the course, again I thank you for your efforts.


For those who read last week’s report about the concerning greens and have played since would see what levels we are at, after further inspection we have found that there is some major issues from blocked outlets and smaller than expected pipe work through our surfaces. Unfortunately this is the wrong time of year to carry out any work through our greens but will continue to work on our cultural practices to make these somewhat playable, also have in mind that some hole positions may be in areas that are trickier than normal but it is to find an area that is drier for better play-ability.

I Am working hard at putting a good plan in place so next winter we have some major improvements.

Hope you all have a great weekend and play even better golf.

Daniel Godek

Course Superintendent

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