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Re-opening of Golf Course

Hi all.

Well we are nearly there. The course is looking great and the team in the office are preparing for the onslaught.

Bubbles - (not Michael Jackson chimp)
There has been much debate about “bubbles”. We are aware that there are a number of members looking to increase their bubbles. After researching and talking around many other clubs we have had to make some tough decisions.

Bubbles are defined as a household bubble .... not a golf bubble. Under level three there is an ability to extend your bubble however this can not be for the sole purpose of being able to play golf with a group of mates.

Therefore we are advising the following:
Play will be available for individuals and pairs only. We have moved the tee times to 6 minutes to accommodate the smaller groups.

If your bubble has been extended beyond your household it should not be for the sole reason of playing golf. Clearly people living alone can join another household bubble and people from the same family can also join together. If you intend to extend your bubble we ask that you advise the club who your bubble incorporates and ask that it involves no more than your household and one other.

Order of play
           Please remember all play must be booked online. Bookings will be available after 5 pm                 today.
When you arrive at the club please have one member of you group register your arrival by phoning the office. You are able to prepare your clubs etc for play but need to remain at / in your car. When your tee time is ready you will be called to the tee via the outside microphone or text.

Once your round has finished there will be no need to go to the club house as there are no cards being processed and the club room will be closed. Please refrain from gathering in the car park longer than necessary.

The office staff have been asked to strictly enforce these rules as we do not want to be a part of golf play being jeopardised. Remember, be kind.

Golf clubs are under the microscope and as such we are all being monitored by NZ Golf and to some extent the media. These conditions will hopefully be in place for 2 weeks after which a drop to level 2 will see our club whanau able to reunite.

Once again we thank you for your ongoing patience and tolerance of what are unprecedented times.

Looking forward to seeing you all once bubbles can be popped.

Redwood Park Board.
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