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Board message and Club news
3rd August 2018

Dear Members,

As your Chairman, it is timely for me to provide you with a view of the work that is being done on your behalf to keep our course and facilities well maintained and to grow our membership.

Firstly, we need to talk about our Club’s finances

Golf is one of the most popular sport and recreation activities in New Zealand and whilst the sport is experiencing a slight increase in participation overall, our Club, like many others, has seen a decline in membership numbers.

To remain viable, the Board has adopted a ‘living within our means’ budget for 2018/19. Our subscriptions will need to increase for 2018/19 , but only to a level that will enable us to cover actual operational costs and to allow some minor maintenance/course upgrades to be undertaken. Details of the new subs are attached .

Fortunately, through this fee increase, strong green fee player income and existing financial reserves held by the Club, we will be able to maintain services without having to borrow against our assets. This strategy, however, isn’t sustainable, so we will continue to make changes to increase income , that will allow investment in our course and facilities.

Since we appointed a GM (Warren Ogilvie) the Board has had access to full and comprehensive operational and financial reports which help us to plan for the future. While acknowledging that the financial result for FY2018 will see a reduced deficit ( c. $18k) , we believe we are on the right path and the overall financial direction is a significant improvement on recent years (see financial graphs below).

I’d like to reinforce that all of the changes that we have been making and will continue to make are necessary to keep the Club running and that the decisions to effect change are made by the Board on your behalf, with instructions given to our GM to undertake the process of change accordingly. The Board , GM and Club subcommittees are progressing with the implementation of the new strategic plan adopted last year.

What we’ve been doing

In addition to our focus on making sure our Club remains financially viable, we’ve also reviewed our committee structure with three Board sub committees:

§ Finance and Risk

§ Marketing

§ Golf

It was made clear to the Board from the Member Forum of August 2017 that a review of the Golf Committee and its functions was needed. To utilise greater member input, it was decided to restructure the Golf sub Committee and establish project teams with responsibility for the various golfing sectors within the Club:

§ Course development

§ Pennants

§ Communication & Technology

§ Tournaments & Fixtures

§ Junior development

This new structure enables each group to concentrate on delivering strategic objectives to improve the golfing and Club experience of all members and visitors. By creating these sub committees and project teams we are able to assist our employed staff to enhance the playing status of Redwood Park.

Our Course

The Board has recognised that course improvement is the key priority for funds. Input from the Member Forum last year prompted the Board to ensure that money is always allocated to support our greens staff in providing the best playing conditions possible. To this end, soil testing of greens and tee blocks has given us scientific data that can be utilised to improve conditions for grass growth. We have aligned with Agrifert and Eurofins for agronomy assistance and an operation plan has been agreed upon to improve the greens and tees over the next 6-months.

A full course drainage review is being undertaken by our GM, and Course superintendent that will will enable a drainage upgrade plan to be created and accounted for in our objectives going forward.

This brings us to The Future of Redwood Park Golf Club

While Council owned golf land is under pressure in Auckland for housing and other recreation uses, the future for Redwood Park is being well planned for in both the short and longer term.

We must continue to increase the awareness of Redwood Park to our community and the wider recreation market in Auckland as a golfing location to lift membership, increase the utilisation of our facilities and generate income.

The Board is also committed to reviewing alternative income streams and funding options to ensure a robust future for our Club. All our fundraising projects will be important to raise money for the course projects we want to action, especially the tournaments that we organise, open to all golfers.

So what will Redwood Park need to look like to retain and gain members, and how can improvements to our course and facilities be funded?

Some of the options currently being considered are: asset sales of underutilised land; collaborations with other local organisations and sports clubs in sharing costs; aligning with other sports organisations to create a Swanson Sports Hub. Before making any recommendations to the membership, the Board will ascertain that all compliance issues are identified and that any other interested parties’ roles or involvement is clearly understood.

The Board would like to invite members who have a keen interest in our future or a desire to contribute to any sub-committees’/ project team activities, or to provide specific expertise, to contact Warren Ogilvie, our GM. 

In conclusion 
Golf  is still one of the most popular sport and recreation activities and Redwood Park is still the best full and midweek membership priced, member-owned club in urban Auckland, with a 'one' price all-inclusive member package. No card fees, no debt levies, and with NZ Golf & NHGA Levies included in our membership prices. The changes we are making are necessary to sustain the operation of our Club we into our future.
Thanking you all for your support of the Board and your participation in your Club.
Best regards,

Peter McSkimming

Board Chairman and President

Redwood Park Golf Club 
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We are offering a 12 week programme for beginners starting on Sunday morning 2nd September, for just $99. 
The programme is :
  • week 1 : view the course; have a golf experience 
  • week 2-7 : coaching clinics by Coaches Inc 
  • week 8-12 : Redwood Park members host the new players for 1 hr , take them on the course and practice using various clubs at different parts of the course .
Participants should register by contacting the club office, ph 09 8338253 
Member ambassadors are wanted to host new players .  Can you help please? 
Next Thursday 9th and Friday 10th, parts of the car park entrance will be repaired . Please be careful when driving into the car park area.  
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