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The Club
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in association with Coaches Inc -tomorrows golf coaching today 
 For those aged 7 -19 years
Golf clubs are not required ; we can supply them.
 Choose one of these options or start out in the blue group and move into the other categories  
  • try out golf for 3 weeks at no cost. Mondays 4pm - 5.30pm 
  • golf clubs are not required 
a. Blue group
  • Coached by Club volunteers ( Kevin O'Neill and team ) 
  • Each Monday 4pm - 5.30pm 
  • Golf clubs are not required 
  • Club membership fee $10 + $40  per school term 
b. Yellow group :
  • Beginners with Matt Davis (Professional Golf Coach ) 
  • Sundays 9am - 10am
  • 8 weeks per term 
  • Club membership fee $10 + $110 per school term
3. INTERMEDIATE  ( orange group) 
a. Intermediate group with Matt Davis ( Professional Golf Coach)  , for players with some experience and who want to develop their capability  
  • Sundays 11.30am-12.30pm 
  •  8 weeks per term
  • Sunday on course play at 12.30pm with Club volunteers for those eligible
  • Club membership $50 + $130 per school term
  • Coached by Club volunteers ( Kevin O'Neill and team )
  • Each Monday 4pm - 5.30pm .
  • Club membership fee $50 + $50 per school term
NOTE: register for at least 3 terms of PGA coaching on a Sunday and pay $0 for Monday evening sessions to practice your golf with friends
4. ADVANCED   (Red group) 
an advanced group with Matt Davis ( Professional Golf Coach) for young players who are playing regularly .
  • Sundays 10.30am-11.30am
  • 8 weeks per term 
  • Sunday on course play from 12pm 
  • Club membership  $50 + $160 per school term  
For more information contact Warren Ogilvie, General Manager , manager@redwoodparkgolf.co.nz ; ph 09 8331280.
To register contact the office ; ph 09 8338253 ; office@redwoodparkgolf.co.nz
 For more information on Matthew Davis ( PGA) and Coaches Inc, click on the menu link above for coaching

About Coaches- Inc.

Coaches Inc. provides a range of services and products to golfers of all ages, abilities and motives for wanting to play the game. Our junior programs adopt a holistic approach to human, athletic and golf skill development all packaged up in structured, fun, safe and positive learning environment.

Enrol your child today in our exciting, new golf programme led by PGA professionals from Coaches- Inc.

Your child will go into an ability specific group and learn :

- key golf skills

- physical fitness and co ordination skills

- concentration and focus

- the ability to work in teams and perform as an individual

All this while meeting new friends and having FUN in a SAFE environment

Matt Davis : NZPGA

Matt has over 10 years experience turning raw beginners into elite golfers playing at national and international level. His students have won several awards and received University scholarships.