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Business House
Welcome to the Redwood Park Business House/Safari Section.
A little history on Business House. 
Business House was started back in 1985 by the member Wayne Green. The teams then consisted of
5 players, 4 playing with one reserve. It did not take long for the competition to become very popular
which meant the teams increased to 6 players. 32 years on the competition is still very popular, with
teams now consisting of 8 players, 6 playing with 2 reserves. Business House is played on the second
Wednesday of each month starting in February of each year. A sheet is posted on the notice board
each January for any members wishing to join a team.
Click on the links below to view the Business House content.
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Congratulations to all the winners of 2018.
Munro Cables                                   Team Match-play.
Acorn Stoneworks & Munro Cables     Team Stableford.
Greg Fletcher                             Individual Stableford.
Greg Cook                                   Individual Match-play.
Below is a copy of the prizes given out at prize giving, the balls for the individual scores were not entered on the day so if you click on the Prize-list below you will see the number of extra balls you will receive on the first day back next year.
 Business House links below.
Draw            Teams Standings          Individual Standings
Day Results        Teams        Day Sheets        2018 Prize-list
Business House ANZ Bank Account   01-0210-0142074-00
                                Safari Content Below.
 Safari BNZ Bank Account   02-0152-0158608-000